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Procedures for AM/PM Workers


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

  • Early Workers 8:00am-1:50pm
    • Teacher will pick up Early Workers on the blacktop from classroom number
    • Early Workers are dismissed in the front of the school. Both “Walkers” and “carpoolers” leave from the main gates.
  • Late Workers 8:40am-2:30pm
    • Students arrive and walk through the main gate in front of the school at 8:35 am. A Staff member will supervise students walk to their respective classrooms, so that they can start instruction by 8:40.  
    • Late Workers are either dismissed from the blacktop (Walkers) or in front of the school (Carpoolers)


  • All Students (grades 1-5) attend school from 8:00am-12:50pm.  Please arrive on time to pick up.
  • Students are dismissed from the blacktop (Walkers) or at the front gates (Carpoolers)


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RSS feed for Grade 1
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